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Fighting air pollution with solid ammonia: Amminex founder team nominated for European Inventor Award


Amminex Newsletter - Marts 2016


OEM Solutions

ASDS™ has been validated and thoroughly proven in the field and is now in commercial operation. For Original Equipment Manufacturers ASDS™ enables a number of advantages.

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ASDS DeNOx for OEM system

Retrofit Systems

ASDS™ enables highest NOx reduction performance while saving operating cost for fleet operators and users (up-time, fuel & maintenance) and improving system reliability.

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ASDS for retrofit systems

Refill Infrastructure

We are serving fleet Customers with refill services and integrated logistics from our production plant or through localized refill partners.

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Our Technology

Amminex Emissions Technology has introduced a revolutionary system for the reduction of toxic NOx emissions from diesel engines: ASDS™ - Ammonia Storage and Delivery System.

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The Amminex Story

Amminex Emissions Technology ASDS™ technology is setting a new industry benchmark by enabling a significantly higher NOx reduction for buses, trucks and passenger cars than any other known technology and already enables NOx emissions below future Euro VI standard for real driving emissions (RDE).

Amminex Emissions Technology was founded in 2005 based on research completed by five scientists from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). They developed a unique way of storing and transporting ammonia (NH3) safely and at high density in a salt; originally magnesium chloride. Knowing that ammonia was required to reduce harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel exhaust, Amminex Emissions Technology set out to apply the core technology - initially in vehicles where the need was eminent due to continuously stricter environmental legislation..... Read More


The Environmental

Health & Air Quality

NOx and NO2 are toxic air pollutants coming mainly from the exhaust of diesel-powered engines. It contributes to the formation of smog, ground level ozone, acid rain, and is a significant factor in determining the air quality in urban areas.
It is also related to many respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, emphysema, asthma and can also aggravate existing heart diseases. NOx and NO2 are an increasing problem in our cities mainly due to the large number of diesel-powered trucks and passenger cars throughout the world.

To encourage car and truck manufacturers to find and implement NOx reducing solutions, a number of laws have been passed worldwide, establishing limits for NOx levels in the exhaust.

Most of these limits are NOT met in real-world driving. Read More