We all want the same thing; a clean world. The question is how do we accomplish this without sacrificing the modern life style? Transportation is a necessity for today´s efficient society. However, it is also a major contributor to current problems with air quality. A possible solution is fuel efficient engines with clean exhausts.

Fuel efficiency - i.e. low CO2 emission - is obtained using diesel engines. However, clean exhaust is the remaining challenge: The particle challenge was solved by introducing the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), whereas efficient removal of NOx (toxic gasses) has remained a problem.

With our cutting edge technology, we now offer the car and truck industry a new and solid way to reduce the toxic NOx emissions from diesel engines without sacrificing the fuel economy. Our technology is easy to implement, it can be applied to diesel cars and trucks of all sizes, and it works under all driving and weather conditions.

As a consequence, air quality can be improved, smog formation and acid rain in major cities will be reduced and millions of people can avoid NOx-related health problems such as serious lung and heart diseases.

Our vision is therefore crystal clear: A clean world, driven by clean engines!