Amminex Emissions Technology was founded in 2005 based on research completed by five scientists from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). They developed a unique way of storing and transporting ammonia (NH3) safely and at high density in a salt; originally magnesium cloride. Knowing that ammonia was required to reduce harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) from diesel exhaust, Amminex Emissions Technology set out to apply the core technology - initially in vehicles where the need was eminent due to continuously stricter environmental legislation.
Since its inception Amminex Emissions Technology has experienced fast growth having changed from a small research company to a credible clean-tech partner in the global automotive industry.

The company’s unique NOx reduction technology is based on a system for ammonia storage and delivery, known as ASDS™. The system reductant is gaseous ammonia bound in a solid, together called AdAmmine™, to dramatically reduce the emissions of toxic NOx gasses from diesel exhaust. This technology is setting a new industry benchmark by enabling a significantly higher NOx reduction for buses, trucks and passenger cars than any other known technology.

The technology already enables NOx emissions below future Euro VI standard for real driving emissions (RDE).

Amminex Emissions Technology is headquartered near Copenhagen, Denmark with a 6.500 m2 state-of-the-art volume production facility located in Nyborg, Denmark.