Amminex Emissions Technology is a fast growing Danish clean-tech company. The company’s unique NOx reduction technology is based on a system for ammonia storage and delivery, known as ASDS™. The system reductant is ammonia bound in a solid, together called AdAmmine™, to dramatically reduce the emissions of toxic NOx gasses from diesel exhaust.

This technology is setting a new industry benchmark by enabling a significantly higher NOx reduction for buses, trucks and passenger cars than any other known technology. The technology already enables NOx emissions below future Euro VI standard for real driving emissions (RDE).

Amminex is headquartered near Copenhagen, Denmark with a state-of-the-art volume production facility located in Nyborg, Denmark.

The main shareholders of Amminex Emissions Technology are Faurecia (F), SEED Capital Denmark and Nordea-fonden (DK).

ASDS™ and AdAmmine™ are common law trademarks of Amminex Emissions Technology A/S.